The Service

Save Time and Money

In the first instance we work with you to understand your requirements, then act as part of your own team

We carry out the following actions:

Specify Draw up and agree a simple specification of service or product requirements with service levels..
Consult Conduct an open consultation with potential tenderers.
Contract Produce and agree a simple collaborative contract to offer the marketplace - including any lotting.
Tender Publish an Invitation to Tender with a scoring profile.
Evaluate Evaluate and score the tenders.
Audit Visit the winning tenderer to confirm the integrity of the bid (source audit)
Feed back Give thorough, constructive feedback to tenderers.
Payment Arrange reliable prompt payment for work completed and invoiced.
Commencement Brief the winning tenderer then commence service and monitoring.
Monitoring/Exception Reporting Ensure agreed service levels are being met by both parties.
Facilitate A collaborative buyer/supplier relationship and the development of added value.


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